UNIT Framing

UNIT represents and only frames with HALBE. With their clean design, archival high quality materials, and precise craftsmanship, the HALBE Frames are truly a class of their own. These front-loading frames offer a tasteful, versatile custom-look and archival quality that accommodates permanent installation of artwork or can be reused, for displays that continuously change. The front-loading mechanism is convenient and efficient and does not require any additional tools.

All HALBE Frames are manufactured in Germany under strict quality control. In today’s world with an excess of product variety and a constant want for improvement, it seldom happens that a product can continue to be consistently manufactured with the same design and functionality with which it was intended. HALBE GmbH developed the HALBE Frame over 30 years ago and has been in the framing business for over 50 years.

It's simply magnetic.

All in One: Frame, Backing, Hanging, Glass, and Storage Box 

No Tools required: pre-assembled and ready to use without tools 

Easy to Use: Front-load the Artwork

Go Green: easy to use, reuse, and change or rotate the artwork on your own

Preservation: all materials are acid-free to preserve your artwork. 

Custom made: no extra charges for custom sizes
Customizable: Pick a Color, any color - powder coat the frame any Pantone Color.
Made in Germany: precise craftsmanship.

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